BAHAREQUE TATAMA is produced by small associated coffee growers for the cooperative called CAFENORTE.

The TATAMA coffee plantations integrate with forest farming systems, creating micro-climates. As a result, it gives a better management of the crop.
Watersheds, volcanic soils, ambient temperatures of 19°C and a yearly rainfall of average 2.7000 mm, offer special characteristics that contribute to the notes and attributes of the coffee.

Harvest: 60% is in the first half of the year and the remaining 40% during the second half of the year.

Coffee producers carry out careful picking by hand. After removing the skin and the pulp, the coffee beans are carried into tanks for the fermentation and washing process. This process takes around 18 hours. Finally, the coffee beans are sun-dried for 4 to 5 days.

Support to the local farmers:

Families from the North-west of the Valle del Cauca have more than a half century tradition of working with coffee plantations. It is part of their culture and it is the main characteristic of this region.
CAFENORTE provides coffee growers with different social and economic programs with the purpose of motivating them to maintain the production of specialty coffee.
Some of the programs include:
– Educational support
– Training related to all the process of coffee production
– Giving specialty coffee surcharge directly to the small holder
– Investments in milling and crop process

CAFENORTE guarantees the trace-ability in all steps of production from the crop, harvesting, processing and milling, where they control and ensure the supply chain. As a result, it allows their clients and the final consumer to trust in the brand and cooperative.


– Screen: EP 2,5%
– Sorting: By machine and hand
– Certifications: Protected Origin Denomination Colombia / Protected Geographical Indication

– Country: Colombia
– Region: North of Valle del Cauca
– Altitude: 1700 – 2000 m.a.s.l

– Varieties: Castillo – Caturro – Colombia
– Drying: Sun-dried
– Processing: Traditional, 18 hours between natural fermentation and washing process.
– Sub-product Management: The pulp and water used in the first washing process are biologically processed and they are used as organic compost.

– Notes: Floral, red berries, sugar cane
– Acidity: Sparkling
– Body: Creamy
– Score: >85

Note: All our Cafenorte supplied green coffees are tasted and certified in CAFENORTE’s quality laboratory, which has been certified as SCA Premier Training Campus since 2013, being the first certified lab in Colombia. This specialty coffee is selected by their quality staff with Q- grader certification.

  • Jute sack and Grainpro bag of 70 kg

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