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El Puente

Special Selection

El Puente Special Selection

– Data Sheet

– Coffee name: El Puente Special Selection
– Grade: Product of Colombia

– Country: Colombia
– Region: Pitalito, Huila
– Altitude: 1.550 – 1.980 m.a.s.l

– Varieties: Castillo – Caturra – Colombia – Bourbon
– Drying: Sun in Parabolic Dryers
– Processing: Washed

– Notes: Honey, Panela, Melon and Orange
– Aftertaste: Caramel and Almonds
– Acidity: Mild 
– Body: Medium – Juicy
– SCA Score: >86

Farm Info

El Puente Special Selection is produced at the El Puente Mill…a processing facility, built in 2018, for the nearby farms. El Puente (meaning bridge) is named after the footbridge over the river near the new El Puente processing facility. This facility in the Palestina region of southern Huila processes coffee from small surrounding farms, of over one hundred families, who produce coffee on their farms and deliver it to El Puente, which is designed to handle larger volumes of coffee than the mills on individual farms can process.

El Puente is a pilot project that is supported by community investments in the sustainable development of rural areas.

Given that the economic factor for the producing families near El Puente could have an added value in their coffees, since, from the beginning, those producers that have one or two hectares, do not have a pulping or drying mill on their farms and have to sell their wet coffee. It is there where the mill receives the coffee from the neighbouring producers and pay them at a premium price, even without having the coffee processed. This social impact helps significantly to motivate the coffee farmers to cultivate good quality coffee and how important it is to maintain the harvest very well.
All the processes are overlooked and directed by the famous Elkin Guzman himself.

“This project is helping producers reduce the amount of work and risk they take on to process coffee during the peak of harvest. All while getting a premium price for their product. We’re working to bring the best out of each lot, from reception of the cherry to milling at our wet and dry mills, through shipping. Expect some top-notch naturals and honey’s as well as innovative fermentations!” – Clearpath

El Puente Process

The coffees arriving at the El Puente Mill are processed as honey, natural or washed; in this case, the Special Selection from El Puente underwent a Washed process.  El Puente receives the cherries from the producers that are selected by some areas, depending on the profiles and whether the cherries are in the correct maturation for the blend. The next step is the floating process and measuring the Brix degrees in order to determine the hours of fermentation. Then the de-pulping process takes place, and the beans are deposited in tanks for 30 to 42 hours. After fermentation, the beans are washed and go through its drying process that lasts about 14 to 17 days in the sun in parabolic dryers.

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