The Sweet Catiope is a very exotic varietal, which is the result of a lab mutation, developed by CENICAFE (The lab of the FNC) after crossing the Caturra variety and the Ethiopian Heirloom. The intention was to gain both the sweetness and the good production qualities of the caturra variety, with the floral and delicate notes of the Heirloom.

Elkin Guzman has been recognized as one of the best multigenerational coffee producers of Colombia in the last decade. He is very passionate and interested in his scientific approach on coffee production. He is inspired by methodical research and experimentation, and is something of a data nerd, especially when it comes to unlocking the secrets to top quality coffee.

Elkin and José from Café 1959 have decided to work together, and they have created the heat and cold process. They have applied this process to different coffees grown at El Mirador estate (Elkin Family’s Farm).

Sweet Catiope Process Protocol

At El Mirador Farm, starting with heat in the fermentation, the reproduction of the micro-organisms in the anaerobic environment increases vastly. When the population of bacteria reaches the desired amount, the coffee is passed through a cold fermentation process, where it is carbonic macerated for 96 hours with the right population of micro-organisms whose fast reproduction has been stopped.

Once the fermentation process is completed, the coffee is fully washed with pure mountain water and then slow dried for approximately 18 days.

The drying process is slow to ensure the parchment on each cherry remains intact, thus protecting the incredible qualities developed in the beans.


– Coffee name: Sweet Catiope
– Grade: Excelso

– Country: Colombia
– Region: El Mirador, Pitalito, Huila
– Altitude: 1.600 m.a.s.l

– Varieties: Catiope
– Drying: Slow dried
– Processing: Fully Washed
– Fermentation: 96hr Carbonic Maceration

– Notes: Berries, chocolate, guava
– Aftertaste: Long with sweet caramel and berries
– Acidity: Kiwi like – Bright acidity
– Body: Medium
– SCA Score: 87

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