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Pacamara – Data Sheet

– Coffee name: Pacamara Natural
– Grade: Product of Colombia

– Country: Colombia
– Region: Pereira
– Farm: La Riviera
– Altitude: 1.700 m.a.s.l

– Varieties: Pacamara
– Drying: Solar-Drying
– Processing: Natural
– Fermentation: 72hrs Aerobic

– Notes: Guava, Papaya and Peach
– SCA Score: >87

Farm Info

The Pacamara Natural is produced at the La Riviera estate located in the municipalities of Pereira in Risaralda, the region of the cultural coffee landscape in the spur of the central mountain range of the Andes. Its owner is Julio Cesar Madrid who comes from a family where coffee-growing has been a tradition, him being the third generation of coffee makers.

The Finca la Rivera is at a height of 1,700 masl and due to its geographical position, the soils youth rich in organic matter, coupled with the environment of a few hours of light by the high presence of clouds that extend the ripening period of the fruit, in addition to the wide thermal range in temperatures, which allows the coffee to develop complex flavours.
Julio Madrid, together with his partners at Cafe Uba has won different awards in quality for their coffee, both nationally and internationally.

Pacamara Natural Process

The Pacamara was sown at Finca La Riviera in 2020, this variety is a cross between the variety Pacas and Maragogype.
This natural process starts with collecting only ripe cherries, which then stay in the harvesting bags for a 72-hour aerobic autonomous fermentation.

After the fermentation period, the cherries go to water tanks to remove the floaters from the surface and to lower the temperature of the coffee cherries. Then the coffee is taken to solar drying, at this stage it lasts between 25 and 30 days. When the coffee reaches a humidity between 10% and 11%, the coffee is packed in sacks and taken to storage.

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