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Sabores Huila Blend


Sabores Huila Blend – Data Sheet

– Coffee Name: Sabores Cauca Select Blend Washed
– Grade: Excelso

– Country: Colombia
– Region: Huila
– Farm: Several Smallholder Farms

– Varieties: Caturra, Castillo and Colombia
– Drying: Parabolic Drying
– Processing: Washed

– Notes: Honey, Vanilla and Peach
– SCA Score: >85

Sabores Huila Select Blend

Our Sabores Select Huila coffee comes from a collective of 63 small coffee farms in Colombia called Agua Azul. These producers cultivate 1-5 hectare farms in the villages of Palestina and San Adolfo in Huila. Led by Julio Gómez, Agua Azul sells its premium coffee every two weeks to our partners at origin, Clearpath, at above-market prices, supporting the group’s acclaimed specialty coffee production.

After electronic and manual sorting at the Aromas del Sur mill in Pitalito, the coffee is packed in 35 kg bags and shipped to South Africa.

This Huila Select coffee has a quality comparable to an estate blend at the price of a regional blend, which makes it very attractive to roasters in Southern Africa as a versatile specialty washed blend alternative that can be used as a single origin and which works beautifully as a blending component for exclusive house blends.

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