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Aji Natural – Data Sheet

– Coffee Name: Aji Natural
– Grade: Product of Colombia

– Country: Colombia
– Region: Huila
– Farm: El Diviso
– Altitude: 1.870 m.a.s.l

– Varieties: Aji
– Drying: Canopies
– Processing: Natural
– Fermentation: Anaerobic

– Notes: Roses, Ginger, Marshmellow, Maple Syrup, Green Apple, Prune, Jasmine Honeysuckle, Delicate, Bright, Round, Structured and Dense
– SCA Score: >88

BAji Natural Process

Step 1:

  • Floating, Manual selection of picked cherries, only ripe berries are chosen which then underwent an 18-hour oxidation at an average room temperature of 25°c
  • Anaerobic fermentation in bags or containers, for 30 hours at an average temperature of 16 to 18°C.
  • Transfer to tanks, carrying out a 28-hour oxidation, reaching a maximum temperature of 42°C.
  • Transfer of the coffee cherries to 50-kilo bags to start another anaerobic fermentation for 30 hours at a temperature of 16 to 20°C.
  • Transfer to the coffee to tanks, submerging it in water at 45 degrees C, adding leachate/mossto from a previous harvest, and recirculating the leachate for 18 hours.

Step 2:

  • Beginning of drying phase in canopies at a maximum temperature of 32°C.
  • The drying process is interrupted when an 18% humidity level is reached, then the coffee is transferred to black bags in a dark warehouse space, letting it rest for 60 hours to then continue with drying, until obtaining 11% moisture levels.

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