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Our Colombian Green Beans has arrived!

Before I share our excitement about our Colombian green beans that arrived…I want to tell you a bit about who we are.

My name is Nicole and I’m from Ceres, South Africa. Jose, my husband, is from Cali, Colombia, also know as the capital of salsa music. Colombia has great food and of course some of the world’s best coffees!
It was in 2017 when we revisited one of the most beautiful coffee regions in Colombia, Quindío. One morning we were sitting on a balcony at one of the coffee farms while staring at the beautiful mountains of the Colombian Andes, enjoying a cup of amazing freshly roasted coffee from the farm. This is when the idea sparked to bring in the best Colombian coffee to South Africa and allow our consumers to enjoy it as much as we did. Consequently, Sabores was born. Sabores means flavours in Spanish. In other words, we want to share the flavours of Colombia with you!

Of course historically, Colombian coffee has always been very popular, but not the concept of its specialty coffees which is something quite modern. We saw an opportunity to contribute to the specialty coffee market in South Africa, hence the idea to import exclusively this high quality of Colombian coffees.

Why Colombian coffee?

Colombian coffee is known for its high quality and rich and mild flavor, because of the perfect condition of the coffee growing regions. The country is rich in volcanic soil, steady temperatures all year through, humidity, rainy seasons, and areas of high elevations between and on the mountain slopes. Therefore, Colombia has the perfect geography for producing the best coffee.

Coffee from Colombia is considered higher quality because of the types of coffee they cultivate, being one of the few countries that grows only Arabica beans. Arabica beans are considered to be your higher quality bean with somewhat sweeter and a softer taste than your other types of beans.

Why specialty coffee? 

Because we make quality our highest priority.

Specialty coffee are free of defects and picked at the right time of ripeness. It is the result of the constant dedication and hard work of the farmers in the mountains of Colombia. In addition with very high standards and excellence of the processing chain from the crops to the finished packed green beans.

Jose and I did extensive research, online and at the same time we asked “our people” back in Colombia to do some field work in order to determine which of the many options available from the exporting farms would be a good choice for our first import.

We were amazed by all the options of specialty coffees available to choose from. We met Alejandra Girón from Cafenorte and from the beginning we new we were dealing with the right cooperative of farmers.

We chose from Cafenorte’s best 2 specialty coffees; BAHAREQUE TATAMA and BAHAREQUE TORRA (North of Valle del Cauca, Castillo – Caturro – Colombia, Washed).
And so we did our first order and went through the process to get the beans from a port in the Pacific Ocean all the way to South Africa. It was a lengthy process which was made so simple with the help of both Alejandra and our local agents at NATCO.

It was an absolute pleasure to see our first shipment of specialty coffee once it arrived…and so our exciting new chapter started and we are looking forward to sharing this flavour with all of you!